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Sector Committees were established to assist the Public Procurement Commission (PPC) in evaluating recommendations for the award of government contracts in a timely manner. Sector Committees are extensions or sub-sets of the PPC. Procuring entities are required to submit, to the Sector Committees, their recommendations for the award of contracts which are valued at $30,000,000.00 or above.

Responsibilities of the sector committee

  • To review submissions received and satisfy itself that all prescribed tender procedures have been observed by the submitting Procuring Entity; To convene meetings as necessary to receive and review the tender reports which are submitted by Procuring Entities;
  • To make recommendations for the award of public sector contracts and, immediately thereafter, submit to the PPC, in the prescribed form, of its decisions;
  • To record official minutes and to keep permanent records of all of its proceedings.

Membership of sector committees

The membership of each sector committee is comprised of the Chairman and one representative of the PPC. The PPC representative is a member of the staff of the Sector Committee Oversight Branch (SCOB) of the Office of the Public Procurement Commission. The Committee usually includes members who are drawn from the following disciplines and/or professions:

  • Architecture;
  • Quantity Surveying;
  • Civil Engineering;
  • Electrical/Mechanical Engineering;
There may also be members from the following:
  • An Attorney-at-Law;
  • An Accountant or financial specialist;
  • A member who is familiar with business and commerce; and
  • Other participants who may be co-opted, for specialist tenders, as may be deemed necessary in the judgment of the Committee.

Specialist Sector Committees

The Specialist Sector Committees were established to review specific types of procurements. The Committees were initially established pursuant to Ministry of Finance and the Public Service, Circular 14, of June 15, 2016.

Additionally with the establishment of the Public Procurement Act 2018 Procuring Entities are no longer assigned to a specific Sector Committee. Submissions shall instead be directed to the Sector Committee Oversight Branch (SCOB) at the Public Procurement Commission for review by the various Sector Committees and subsequent presentation to the Board of Commissioners for decisions. The Sector Committees for the various Specialist Sectors are as follows:

Contact information Specialist Sector Committees

Specialist Sector Committee



Administrative Assistant

Contact Information Administrative Assistant

Goods Specialist Sector Committee

Office of the Prime Minister

Mr. Leonard Bailey, J.P. Senior Civil Engineer Port Authority of Jamaica

1. Miss Patricia Lindsay


2. Miss Donna Robb

Cabinet Office, 1 Devon Road, Kingston 6

1. Tel: 929-8880; Ext: 2335 Email:
[email protected]

2. Tel: 929-8880; Ext: 2335
Email: [email protected]

Consulting and General Service Specialist Sector Committee

National Works Agency

Mr. Roger Smith, Director, Technical Services, National Works Agency

Miss Maureen Dudley

Mrs. Dawn Smith Fagan (Deputy Chair)

National Works Agency 140 Maxfield Avenue, Kingston 10 Tel: 733-4252/733-4253 Email: [email protected]

Insurance Specialist Sector Committee

Ministry of Finance and Public Service

Miss Janet Mitchell Consultant National Housing Trust

Miss Samoya Smith

Miss Marie Minott

Ministry of Finance and Public Service 30 National Heroes Circle, Kingston 4 Tel: 876-932-5255 (w) | 876-924-9644 (f) Email: [email protected]

Works Specialist Sector Committee

Port Authority of Jamaica

Mr. Mervis Edghill Senior Vice President, Engineering Port Authority of Jamaica

Miss Dayisha Saunders

Miss Suzette Campbell (Alternate)

Port Authority of Jamaica 15-17 Duke Street, Kingston Tel: 922-0290 Email:[email protected]

Information, Communication and Telecommunication (ICT) Specialist Sector Committee

Integrity Commission

Mr. Desmond Montgomery Project Manager, ICT, AGC

Miss Jheanell Allen

Ministry of Finance and the Public Service 30 National Heroes Circle, Kingston 4 Tel: 876-932-5241
Email: [email protected]

In preparing submissions for review by the Specialist Sector Committees, Procuring Entities will be required to submit the following documents:

Documents to be submitted to Specialist Sector Committees

  • Appropriately completed and signed Transmittal / Variation Form;
  • Letter of Approval from the Head of Entity;
  • Evaluation Report (inclusive of a matrix indicating bidders’ compliance with each qualification requirement as stated in the Bidding Documents);
  • Bid document issued;
  • All supporting documents (inclusive of copies of items of correspondence issued/received during the tender process);
  • Copies of Bid Securities received; and
  • Where applicable, appropriate justification for the use of the Direct Contracting/Limited Tender procurement methodologies, inclusive of justification for the selection of the contractor/supplier and a clear demonstration that value for money has been obtained, along with the Head of Procuring Entity’s approval of same.
Procuring Entities may liaise with the Sector Committee Oversight Branch for information. All required documents must be submitted at least three (3) clear working days prior to the meeting date. In addition to the submission hard copies in the numbers stated by the Specialist Sector Committees is required as well as soft/electronic copies of all documents. Information regarding the decision dates will be posted to the PPC website
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