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Instructions for using PPC Spreadsheet Database

Sorting Columns

To sort any of the columns, simply click on the down arrow which is located in the column header and select whether to sort ascending or descending. (Users might have to scroll up the drop down list as these are the first two options).

Filtering Columns

The spreadsheet contains eleven (11) columns, ten (10) of which can have a filter applied. To apply a filter to any of these ten (10) columns, simply click on the down arrow located in the column header and select the value to filter by. To filter a column using more than one criterion, users should select the custom option from the drop down list. When the custom option is selected, a dialog box will appear that provides two filter boxes as well as some advanced filter options.

The spreadsheet provides the flexibility to filter by primary and secondary criterion, for example, if you wish to track a contractor over multiple currency units, this may be done by following these steps:
  1. First filter the information using the name of the contractor you wish to track
  2. Then filter the information by each currency you are interested in.

Please note the following caveats;

The spreadsheet consists of multiple currencies. Basic Statistics, with the exception of the Number of Contracts, can only be generated when one currency is being displayed on the spreadsheet. In order to display only one currency, a filter must be applied to the database.

The legend used for the comments column is as follows:

EC Emergency Contract
FC Framework Contract
LE Late Entry
NAA Noted by PPC after Approval
NCSE No Contract Sum Endorsed
NORC PPC Offered No Objections to the Referenced Contract

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Last Updated 21-09-18