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Members of the NCC

The National Contracts Commission (NCC) is comprised of eight (8) members.  Each member is appointed by the Governor-General in accordance with the provisions of the Third Schedule to the Contractor-General Act and is selected as follows:

                                             i.            A Chairperson, who is appointed from a panel of three persons nominated by the Contractor General;

                                           ii.            One member who is appointed from a panel of five persons nominated by the Professional Societies Association of Jamaica;

                                          iii.            One member who is appointed from a panel of five persons nominated by the Construction Industry Council; and

                                         iv.            Five members who are designated by the Cabinet.

Once appointed, the members of the Commission serve for a period of seven (7) years.

Effective May 17, 2013 the following eight (8) Commissioners were appointed to serve until May 16, 2020:

1.       Mr. Raymond McIntyre - Chairman

Mr. McIntyre was first appointed as a member of the NCC upon its establishment in 1999.  Mr. McIntyre was re-appointed in 2006 and was subsequently appointed as Chairman of the Commission for the first time in the year 2010.  He is a Principal of APEC Consultants Limited.


2.       Mr. Marvin Goodman - Representing the Professional Societies Association of Jamaica

Mr. Goodman is an Architect by profession and is a Principal of Marvin D. Goodman & Associates.


3.       Mr. Woodrow Whiteley - Representing the Construction Industry Council

Mr. Whiteley is a Quantity Surveyor by profession, and is the Managing Director of Woodrow Whiteley and Associates.


4.       Mrs. Hope Blake - Public Body Representative

Mrs. Blake is a Deputy Financial Secretary in the Ministry of Finance and Planning.


5.       Mrs. Kayla Sewell Mills, J.P. - Public Body Representative

Mrs. Sewell Mills is the Principal Director in the Office of the Cabinet Secretary.


6.       Mr. Earl Patterson - Public Body Representative

Mr. Patterson is the Deputy CEO/Senior Director, Project Implementation at the National Works Agency.


7.       Mr. Gary Lawrence - Public Body Representative

Mr. Lawrence is the Vice President, Engineering at the Port Authority of Jamaica.


8.       Mr. Donald Moore - Public Body Representative

Mr. Moore is the Senior General Manager, Construction & Development at the National Housing Trust.  Mr. Moore is a returning member of the Commission.


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