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Frequently-Asked Questions

Question:     What is the National Contracts Commission (NCC) and what is its role?
Answer:     The NCC is an independent statutory commission that supplements the functions of the Commission of the Contractor-General. The Contractor-General Act details the functions of the NCC in Section 23D. These functions include, inter alia:
•    Examining applications for the award of government contracts;
•    Approving or overseeing the award of government contracts within the specified limits;
•    Registering and classifying contractors who are desirous of tendering on Government contracts;
•    Making recommendations to Cabinet for improving the efficiency of the procedures for the granting and implementation of Government contracts

Question:     I want to be registered with the NCC. How do I go about doing this?
Answer:     In order to register with the NCC, Contractors will need to complete the relevant application forms and submit these, along with the required supporting documents, to the NCC Secretariat. The forms, also specify the types of supporting documents required, may be collected from the Secretariat at 16 Oxford Rd., Kingston 5 or online:

Works Contractors: Click here
Goods & Services Contractors: Click here
There is currently no NCC Register of Consultants.

Question:     We are an overseas company and would like to bid on a Government of Jamaica contract. What are the requirements that we need to fulfil in order to make this happen?
Answer:     Overseas companies supplying only goods to the Government of Jamaica via an International Competitive Bidding Process are not required to be registered with the NCC. However, for works and/or services which will require personnel visiting the country to execute the works/services the Company must be registered with the NCC prior to the award of contract.  
Overseas companies are required to complete the relevant application forms for the relevant areas i.e. Works or Goods & Services. (See links above.) In addition, the company would need to submit proof of company registration as well as Tax Compliance in its own country. If the company is tax-exempt in its country, proof of exemption should be submitted.

Question:     How many categories of Works Contractors are there?
Answer:     Currently there are 34 categories in which Contractors may be registered for construction works. A detailed list is printed in the application form and is also available on the website.

Question:     What is the registration fee for Works Contractors?
Answer:     The registration fee varies by Grade.
For Grades 1 and 2, the registration fee is J$60,000.00;
for Grade 3 -  J$30,000.00;
Grade 4 -  J$5,000.00; and
Grade 5 - J$1,000.00.

Question:     Are suppliers of Goods and Services required to register with the NCC if they wish to supply Goods and Services to Government?
Answer:     Yes. This applies to Suppliers of Goods and Services (except for Consultants, as there is no NCC Register of Consultants at this time). However, please note that further to MOFP Circular # 16 dated May 14, 2012, the NCC's requirement for the registration of public sector Contractors has been waived for contracts up to $500,000.00. Contractors are therefore not required to register with the NCC for contracts up to this value. (Where registration is required, please note that there is no registration for suppliers of goods and services.)

Question:     How many categories of Goods and Services Contractors are there?
Answer:     There are 25 categories for Goods suppliers and 19 categories for Services.

Question:     Are there different categories of Contractors/Artisans?
Answer:     Yes. There are 12 categories.

Question:     Is the Contractor registration certificate the same as a Contractor Licence / Professional Licence?
Answer:     The NCC-issued Contractor registration certificate is not the same as a licence. The certificate is simply proof that the contractor has been approved to do work with the Government of Jamaica.

Question:     I am a small supplier of goods and services to an infirmary in rural Jamaica. Why am I being asked to register with the National Contracts Commission?
Answer:     If the value of the contract falls below $500,000.00, then registration with the NCC is not required. Further to MOFP Circular # 16 dated May 14, 2012, the NCC's requirement for the registration of public sector Contractors has been waived for contracts up to $500,000.00. Contractors are therefore not required to register with the NCC for contracts up to this value.

Except as above and in the case of Consultants, if a Public Body awards a contract to a Contractor/Supplier who is not registered with the NCC, the Public Body would have breached the Government Procurement Guidelines.

Question:     I submitted an application to the NCC to become a registered Contractor. Can I use the "notification of processing" letter from the NCC as part of the documentation to bid for contracts?
Answer:     No, the notification from the NCC with regard to the processing of an application cannot be used as supporting documentation to bid for a contract. The notification issued is merely an acknowledgement of receipt of your application. It does not guarantee that your application will be approved.

Question:     Having paid the relevant fee for NCC registration, can I use the NCC-issued receipt as part of the documentation to participate in the tender process?
Answer:     Yes. The NCC-issued receipt may be used as supporting documentation to bid for a contract until the registration certificate is issued.

Question:     How long does it take for the application for NCC registration to be processed?
Answer:     An application typically takes six weeks (30 working days) to be processed - if all documents are in order.

Question:     Having been notified that my application to be a Works Contractor has been approved, how long does it take to get the NCC Registration Certificate?
Answer:     The Registration Certificate typically takes about seven to ten (7-10) business days to be ready. You must ensure that the NCC's copy of your payment receipt is submitted to the OCG.

Question:     Where is the Contractor ID located on the Registration Certificate?
Answer:     The Contractor ID is the Certificate number which is located  at the bottom of the certificate

Question:     As a Supplier of Goods & Services, should I expect a Registration Certificate from the NCC once my application has been approved?
Answer:     Suppliers of Goods & Services are provided with a Letter of Approval from the NCC in lieu of a Registration Certificate.

Question:     Where is the Contractor ID located on the Letter of Approval?
Answer:     The Contractor ID (for Suppliers of Goods & Services) is the number on the Letter of Approval which is located above the date of the letter.

Question:     Grade 5 contractors sometimes submit a recommendation from a Member of Parliament or Pastor etc. Is that necessary?
Answer:     No it is not. In the absence of a Certificate of Competence, (from, say, HEART/NTA) a Grade 5 contractor sometimes submits a recommendation but it carries no weight and is not required.

Question:     If any agency decides not to follow the guidelines for procurement, what can you do?
Answer:     Recommend that the management be disciplined or replaced.


If my company/business is newly registered and as such is unable to provide trade references.  What other references can be submitted?
Answer:     In lieu  of the trade references, you may provide  a reference letter speaking to the business you operate and or the Character of the Director of the Company/Business from one of the following persons: Lawyer, Bank Manager, School Principal, Medial Doctor or a Justice of the Peace

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